Monday, December 19, 2011

Ti-30x-IIS. Plus, there's a cute guy at the library

Wooaahhh I've been gone for a while.
New interface!

Lovin' it.

Anywhozzles, this new interface is not the reason I am here. No, indeed. I have recently been...liberated. Freed from the chains of oppression. Granted my freedom from evil personages that wish nothing but for you to think how they tell you to.

That's right. School's out for the winter holidays! YAY! No more homework, no more exams, no more borrowing calculators from the cute guy at the library because you're only allowed one of two models of calculator.

This one:

Or this one:

I know. They're exactly the same. Unfortunately, me bringing my calculator in (one model too early) would have ended in me getting a zero on my calculus exam seeing as a) no electronics except those already specified and b)I simply would not have been allowed to bring it in and would have done so poorly that I probably would have died in shame.

However, school is over for the next month, so I have dedicated my time to several hobbies, one of which, as you know, is crocheting.
So I have created these lovely bracelets for your crocheting pleasure.

Black Beaded Band

I will start with this one as it's pretty simple and straightforward.

-Size 10 Cotton crochet thread (any color will do. I used plain white, but I'm planning a future project with black metallic thread. Oooh fancy :D I used a GIANT ball of cotton thread from Zellers-not the whole ball obviously-->$3.00)
-About 224 3mm glass beads (I used a little more than half a 30g tube of beads from Chaton Beads in Black-->$1.00)
-1mm Steel crochet hook

Abb. (What asshole made up the word "Abbreviation"?)
-Ch: Chain
-Sc: Single Crochet(s)
-Sl st: Slip stitch
-Bd: Bead (I probably won't use this very often but be on the lookout)

1. Thread beads onto thread. Leaving about 10 inches between beads and hook, Chain 17.
2. Sc in 3rd ch from hook, sc across. You should have 15 sc. Turn.
3. Rows 2-5: Sc across. 15 sc. Turn.
4. Row 6: Sc in first chain (not counting turning chain), sc with bead in next sc (google instuctions on how to incorporate beads into crochet work. It's really easy). repeat 6x, ending with one sc in last sc.  15 sc, 7 beads. Turn.
5. Row 7: Sc across. 15 sc. Turn
6. Repeat rows 6 and 7 until you have either 32 rows of beads or the bracelet is the desired length. Fold in half, beaded sides together lining up short edges and sl st edges together.

And there you go! A lovely beaded cuff that should take you no more than an hour or so. It can also be pretty badass if you create a beaded pattern on black thread but we'll see about that later ;)


Zipper Bracelet and Ladder Cuff
Zipper Bracelet:

-Size 10 cotton crochet thread
-About 70 3mm glass beads
-1mm steel crochet hook

1. Thread beads onto thread. Here's where it might get tricky: chain each stitch with a bead. So when you're making your foundation chain, you need to slide a bead down each stitch, draw up a loop RIGHT above it and continue as though nothing has changed. Do this for either 35 chains or until it's the right length to fit your wrist.
2. Sc with a bead in each chain of foundation chain.
3. Tie off. Cut thread to a length of 5 inches. Thread though last stitch of opposite side of bracelet and tie it tight. Slip on to your wrist and wear with pride!

Ladder Cuff:

-Size 10 cotton crochet thread
-62 3mm glass beads
-1mm steel crochet hook

-Sc: Single crochet
-Dbc: Double crochet
-Trc: Triple crochet

1. Thread beads onto thread. Chain 10.
2. Sc in 3rd ch from hook. Sc across. 8 sc. Turn
3. Row 2-3: sc across. 8 sc. Turn.
4. Row 4: 1 sc into first sc. 1 sc with a bead in next sc. Sc in next 4 sc. Sc with a bead in next sc. Sc in last sc. Turn. 6sc, 2 sc with a bead.
5. Row 5: Sc across. 8 sc. Turn.
6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 until you have 31 rows of beads.
7. Sc across. 8 sc. Turn.
8. Dbc across. 8dbc. Turn
9. Sc across. 8 sc. Turn
10. Dbc across. 8 dbc. Turn.
11. Repeat rows 4 and 5 for another 31 rows of beads. NOTE: If after step 10 you are crocheting your beads on the wrong side, do one more row of Single Crochet.
12. 2 rows of sc. 1 row trc (I just used the triple crochet to hurry the band along and make it bigger but you can use rows of single crochet if you like).
13. Holding short ends together, bead sides together, slip st edges tightly.

For all of these projects, a couple notes:
A) Crochet with beads and thin thread tends to make the projects curl up . With the cuffs, this won't be a problem once you crochet the edges together. However, with the Zipper bracelet, it tends to get a little spiraly.
B) It's easiest to get the beads on the thread if you first thread the cotton through a needle and then thread the beads though that. I used a size 6.8 embroidery/crewel needle.
C) They're really ridiculously easy. I'm sorry if my instructions are confusing but I did come up with these projects off the top of my head.


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