Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Introducing: The Holiday Collections

Now that I've officially accepted my NaBloPoMo Certificate of Defeat (I suppose it just wasn't meant to be) and my PhD in Procrastination (I guess I'll just try again next year), I spent the past two days holed up in  my bedroom crafting and crafting, making earrings for the annual Marianopolis Holiday Bazaar (proud to say I've been there since it's inauguration so the coordinator of student life was pretty chill with having me come back despite the fact that I don't even go to Mario anymore #perks ).

Unfortunately, I had run out of earring hooks on saturday night (problematic because the bulk of my jewelry is earrings) and then on Sunday I discovered that the mini-max where I stock up on packs of earring hooks for a dollar each (100 pcs per pack, a god send) and that they don't sell findings at the Dollar Store, I had to wait until monday before I could complete these projects. So I trekked to Omer DeSerres (the only thing you should be buying at this store is anything with a kids-project brand name like Crayola or Fimo; SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ART STORES). The only reason I went to Omer DeSerres is because the bead store near my house, Chaton Beads, disappeared. This was also problematic because this is where I purchase the bulk of my supplies. I usually wait until their 50% off sales and then buy 80$ worth of stuff, and Omer DeSerres is REALLY expensive. Seriously, packs of 100 earring hooks for 8 bucks? What a rip-off! But there are actually no more bead stores in Westmount (except for B.E.A.D It and the people who own that store don't really like me for some reason, plus everything is over-priced and they don't often sell things in bulk and if they do they're similar in price to Omer DeSerres). Anyway, so I finally replenished my supply of gold and silver earring hooks, gift boxes, bead caps, and varnish and am properly equipped for Thursday!

So, I know that I already posted some photos of some of the things I'll be selling, but yesterday I made some truly lovely crystal earrings and I just can't wait to share them with you, and I also began compartmentalizing my jewelry into collections (like the pros!!) because some of it just fits together so damn nicely. So, without further ado and no more gilding the lily, I present:

The Crystal Collection features colorful, elegant and funky crystalline earrings made with glass and genuine swarovski elements (tm) crystals, as well as gold and black silver earring hooks. Perfect to "bling" in the new year in style or simply as a colorful statement when paired with a subtle outfit- $10.00 ea.

The Green Dream Collection features an array of earthy earrings with natural green stone beads as their focus, coupled with glass, shell, and mother-of-pearl in varying shades of brown as well as gold and silver accents. The Green Dream drop earrings are a chic pairing with the en-vogue shades of today-$5.00 ea.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi Collection displays the earrings that don't really go with the other collections. These are the earrings made with a wider range of materials (glass, silver, crystal, plastic, glass coated plastic, gold, silver, shell) in each earring. Whereas most pieces try to limit the number of materials used in each one (eg. crystal only, or natural stone and shell), the Je Ne Sais Quoi's goal is to use as many mediums as possible in each earring, creating a range of jewelry sure to satisfy any magpie-$5.00-$7.00 ea.

Please note that all of the collections are in their early stages and incomplete and that I pulled the descriptions of them out from where the sun don't shine. My origami earring collection has yet to be photographed so I will update this post when I get the chance to take some photos (probably on thursday as my canadian history exam is calling to me: COME STUDY OR YOU'LL FAIL DAMNIT)

Calling? Yelling is more like it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

12-Returning to our Roots: This is a Craft Blog After All

I definitely strayed pretty far from my original intent with this blog; a craft blog, a blog dedicated to presenting the world with the weird things I make. I don't know if you heard, but I was invited back to the annual Marianopolis Holiday Bazaar (despite not actually being a student there trololol) so just to pique your interest, here are some sneak peaks as to what I'll be selling (also check out my pro photography skills. They're new)

Natural stone and shell beads in earthy tones: $5.00

Natural stone, shell, and mother of pearl earrings: $5.00

Glass coated beads, silver chain tassel earrings: $5.00
Yeah, most of the beaded earrings are $5.00. 

A new style of origami earrings (also white cranes!! woahahhh!!): $12.50

So, there you have it. Just a sneak peak of some of the things on sale for the holidays. Check out my facebook page for more photos and merch!