Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Love My Willy

AHAAHAHAHHA Gaby made a sex joke! LOL
Are we all 8th graders here? No? Good.

Although, if we are, I suggest you read this:
Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner.
Read it, love it, eat it, lend it to your friend.
And good god, they might be making it into a movie @.*
(that's my mindfuck face, by the by)
That'll be one hell of an awkwardly hilarious film but since it's all about the way the main character, Shakespeare, writes..not sure how they'll figure this one out....

Anyways, for you William Shakespeare fans out there, I strongly suggest you watch this.
Like, right now. Stop studying for midterms and just waste the next hour and a half of your life.
You won't regret it, I assure you.

This is just part of it.
Here's my other favorite part:

Having been in a production of Othello, I can safely assure you that this is so much better than the original.
As our artistic director liked to put it "It's a very talky play". *Tejy smash!*
Sorry, that was a bit out of character. Ahem.

So yes, enjoy it, laugh, cry, defenestrate (don't you just love how there's a word to throw things out the window? Kind of like how there's a word to remove someones insides. DISEMBOWL)
Bye, I have to go study now.


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