Monday, April 1, 2013

We Saw Your Boobs: A Night at the Oscars with Seth Macfarlane

Yeah, yeah, I know the Oscars have long since been over. But I wrote this piece for my school's paper and forgot to post it here too. Enjoy!

For those of you who missed the broadcast of the 85th Academy Awards, I have to say that you missed out this year. In a nice turnaround from last year’s Oscar hosts (despite Anne Hathaway’s charm, we’re fairly certain that James Franco was not entirely corpus mentus), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences snagged Seth Macfarlane (Family Guy, Ted, American Dad) to host this year’s Oscars ceremony.
Aside from the overlong intro featuring William Shatner as an octogenarian Captain James T. Kirk, Macfarlane proved he was more than a comic writer and performer and impressed viewers with his song and dance numbers. From his solo about actresses showing their breasts on camera (“We Saw Your Boobs” sparking debate from feminists near and far) to the trio with Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he can sing too apparently), he opened the Oscars with the pomp and lavishness expected of a good Oscar opener.
Luckily this year, the presenters skipped and preened their way quickly, though drunkenly, through the myriad of awards (Christopher Plummer really convinced us all that he truly had been perpetually drunk on the set of The Sound of Music). The three hours passed much more quickly than they had in past years. Macfarlane, though lewd at times, was a charismatic and quirky Oscar host. Despite his tasteless jab at Quvenzhane Wallis and George Clooney, Macfarlane did the Academy Awards justice (though he’s no Hugh Jackman of course…)

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