Saturday, November 5, 2011

My cat is a parrot

holy bejeesus my cat is smelly :S who knew that such a small creature could smell so bad?
Okay, that really wasn't the point of this blog post. I should really be studying for my math midterm next thursday, but I would much rather write for a bit. About myself, of course ;)
If you were curious, this is what my kitten looks like:

He's kind of freakishly adorable <3
I'm also using that photo as advertising for myself, as I made the necklace he's trying to chew on. His name is Mr Miyagi (my sister chose the name despite the fact that he's a cornish rex... not a chinese mountain cat). Anywhozzles.
I knew I said I wouldn't be writing another post until nanowrimo was over....well actually I lied because I never said that. It was implied however so I offer my sincerest apologizes to the few people who actual read this XD. Aw, mr miyagi you're too darn cute!
He's chewing on my math notes. How sweet that he wants to help me procrastinate. But yes, I insinuated that I would not post until Nanowrimo is over. However, I discovered that I dislike writing when forced. Although I will attempt to finish on time, it is far more likely that it'll be a particularly half-assed attempt. Woohoo!

Anyhow, I've recently become slightly obsessed with Titan A.E. It's essentially a post apocalyptic 2d animation from 20th Century Fox before they pulled the plug on their 2d animation studios because Titan did so badly at the box office. Incidentally, Fox also made Anastasia which is probably why the main character, Cale, looked so much like Dimitri...
But yeah. Titan A.E. Good movie. Super entertaining, crazy graphics, clever script geared towards us teenagers and plenty of sexual tension. Oh, and gratuitous naked 2d animation characters. Odd, I know, but I suppose they needed that bite. I mean, you don't actually see anything. Just a shot of Cale's bumbum and Akima, lead female, in an itsybitsy towel. Who knew that there was 2d animation just for us?

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