Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going Bananas

Finally keeping up with my own blog. Normally I would write about two posts per year but let's shake things up some, shall we?

Being a crafty type person, I am not limited to FIMO. I also love beading. And I use to bead ALOT. The kind of boring single strand glass seed bead beading that no one found interesting. Then I discovered The Bead Emporium (sadly, now gone and replaced with a shoe store that sells shoes with the giant soles designed to keep your back from breaking or whatnot. I just said whatnot.) Then I discovered B.E.A.D It... then Chaton Beads! So many bead stores in the span of two or three blocks! What bliss!
So after many days of wracking my brains and sleepless nights (really not true at all), I finally decided, to hell with it. I'm going out to buy beads.
And buy beads I did. I now have 4 tackle boxes full of various beads. It's really quite insane if you think about it.
So I'm trying not to.
Anyways, despite telling myself that I will like all of my designs, I always seem to feel the need to run them by my sister. Now, I love my sister, she's great and all...but she never seems to like what I make. And normally, I should think "well, okay, she's got a really insane style and I don't like the same kind of jewelry as her and who the frig is she to tell me that my jewelry isn't nice anyway? Huh? Yeah, that's right."
Naturally, this does not happen and I have wasted precious time trying to appease her.
Oh my I am such a doormat.
So yeah...I made this necklace the other day.
It's made of turquoise ceramic beads, silver caps and white glass seed beads. (excuse the graininess, Photoshop tends to make my photos lose a bit of their quality. And the beads are turquoise. Not greenish as they appear here. Wow, I should probably take a new photo shouldn't I...) and it's about 22inches...I think.
The earrings probably won't be included in the set (not to mention the silver beads at the bottom of the head pins keep falling off...)
The necklace IS on sale, but I'm not sure for how much yet. So I'm basically rambling on about things that I know nothing about despite the fact that they're, you know, things I should know about.
Alrighty, I have class soon and I want to watch some BONES re-runs. Who's excited for season 7?


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